MarkForged Onyx Carbon Fiber Filiment

Product Description
$ 189.00

MarkForged Onyx Filament Overview

We are proud to be offering the MarkForged Onyx carbon fiber filament. The newest of the Markforged printer filaments, Onyx is a chopped fiber filament offering exceptional stiffness and dimensional stability. Using Onyx creates strong and beautiful 3D printed products with the reliability you have come to expect from MarkForged created products. 

Onyx can stand a heat deflection of 145 Degrees Celsius while combining the toughness of nylon with the strength of carbon fiber. 

Mark Two Enterprise Only!

The Onyx material will currently only print with the Mark Two Enterprise edition 3D printer. This material requires a small upgrade to existing Enterprise printers which will come with your first roll of Onyx material. 

Questions on Onyx? Contact us with any questions regarding the MarkForged 3D printers or their new Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament. 

A note from MarkForged on Using Onyx:

Printing significant amounts of Onyx changes the chemical makeup of the print head in a way that tailors it toward printing Onyx. Customers are free to use 1 spool of Onyx and Nylon each, but after that should decide on one material to use. Customers interested in continuing to use both materials are encouraged to purchase a second print head or printer.

Printing Onyx on a non-Enterprise printer may damage the printer and will void its warranty.