MarkForged Mark X 3D Printer

Product Description
$ 69,000.00

Markforged Mark X 3D Printer Overview

The new Markforged Mark X offers the cutting edge technology and print materials you've come to love from Markforged with a number of significant upgrades. First and foremost, the Mark X has a large build volume allowing users to create parts up to 330mm X 250mm X 200mm (X, Y, Z). 

The resolution on the Mark X is 50 microns and works with all of the MarkForged 3D filaments including Tough Nylon, Onyx, Carbon Fiber, KEvlar, Fiberglass and High Temperature Fiberglass. This 3D printer uses a dual extruder so there is no need to change materials during a print job.


Markforged Mark X Brochure (PDF)

* Call for exceptional discounts and rebates - (800)401-1441. 

Mark X Software

The Mark X continues to use the award winning Eiger software making it incredibly easy to arrange parts, add and arrange filament and print from the cloud to your Mark X wirelessly. 

What Else is New?

The Mark X offers a new level of precision. You can now scan your 3D printed parts at any time during a print using a laser displacement sensor on the print head. This will insure you are always getting the best dimensional accuracy and critical tolerances for your 3D prints. 

We've already talked about the Mark X having a significantly larger build volume but that doesn't mean it needs to take up an entire room. This 3D printer has an incredibly small footprint for its build size and is built from only the highest quality materials.

Mark X Specs

  • Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) and CFF (Continuous Filament Fabrication)
  • Build Size (X, Y, Z): 330mm X 250mm X 200mm
  • Filaments: 
    • Tough Nylon
    • Onyx
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Fiberglass
    • Kevlar
    • High Temp, High Strength Fiberglass
  • Resolution: 50 Microns
  • Extruders: Dual / Quick Change

Markforged Mark X Video

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