MarkForged Mark Two 3D Printer

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$ 5,499.00

Markforged Mark 2 Basic Bundle & Professional Bundle have been discontinued by Markforged.    


The MarkForged Mark Two 3D printer is a revolutionary new way to create strong (we mean really strong) 3D printed parts beautifully and easily. The Mark One beautifully simple in every regard. The set-up is a breeze, the software is intuitive and clean and the parts the Mark Two creates are ready to be used in real life applications with virtually no post-processing. 

What Makes the MarkForged Printer Different?

The Mark Two printer uses a newly developed 3D printing process called CFF™ (Composite Filament Fabrication™) along with traditional FFF 3D printing. This means that parts created using the Mark One are reinforced by continuous strands of fibers embedded in a thermoplastic matrix. More simply put, you can create parts stronger than aluminum and 5X stronger than traditional ABS plastic. 

This unique method created by MarkForged can integrate cutting edge materials never before used in 3D printing like Kevlar™, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and Nylon.  

No Post Processing

  • No Nasty Chemicals
  • No Messy Powders
  • No Trimming
  • No Vacuum Bagging
  • No Post Curing
  • Parts come out completely finished and ready to use. 
Meet the Mark One: The World's First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Standard Printer Includes ($5499):

  • Mark Two Composite 3D Printer
  • MarkForged Software
  • Fiberglass Filament Sample, 50 cm3
  • Nylon Filament, 1000 cm3
  • 1 X CFF Quick Change Nozzle
  • 1 X FFF Quick Change Nozzle
  • Carbon Fiber Filament NOT Included

Professional Kit Includes ($8799):

  • Mark Two Composite 3D Printer
  • MarkForged Software w/Premium Software Support.
  • Kevlar Filament, 100 cm3
  • Carbon Fiber Filament, 100 cm3
  • Fiberglass Filament 200 cm3
  • Nylon Filament 2000cm3
  • 3 X CFF Quick Change Nozzle
  • 3 X FFF Quick Change Nozzle
  • 1 Additional Print Beds

Mark II Enterprise Kit (New $13,499)

  • Mark Two Composite 3D Printer w/ability to print high temperature resistance fiberglass and any new release materials.
  • Eiger Software w/Premium Software Support
  • Nylon Filament 2,000 cm3
  • Fiberglass Filament 100 cm3
  • Carbon Fiber Filament 100 cm3
  • Kevlar Filament 100 cm3
  • High Temp Fiberglass Filament 100 cm3
  • 3X CFF Quick Change Nozzle
  • 3X FFF Quick Change Nozzle
  • 1 Additional Print Bed
  • Local Software Storage
Printing Technology
  • FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • CFF (Composite Filament Fabrication)
  • Build Size:

    320mm X 132mm X 154mm (12.6" X 5.2" X 6.1")

  • Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Nylon

  • Highest Layer Resolution: FFF 100 Microns, CFF 200 Microns
  • Extruders: Dual Quick Change
  • Filament Sizes: FFF Printing: 1.75mm, CFF Printing: MF4
  • Pause/Resume Prints: YES
  • Chassis: Anodized Aluminum Unibody
  • Build Platform: Kinematically Coupled
  • Draft Blocking Enclosure: Yes
  • Cloud Enabled

  • Supported: MAC OS 10.7 Lion+, Windows 7+, Linux
  • Supported Browser: Chrome 30+
  • Supported Files: .STL
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, USB, USB Flash

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