Leapfrog MAXX Exotic Nylon 3D Filament

Leapfrog MAXX Nylon Filament
Product Description
$ 49.99

Leapfrog MAXX Exotic Nylon Filament is an extremely versatile 3D printing material that offers low warp. MAXX Exotic Nylon is a strong material that can withstand more pressure than other materials and can be dyed after printing.  We have even seen techniques online to tie dye the material before printing. 

he printer settings for Nylon are still experimental; we would take a print temperature of 245 °C and a bed temperature of 80 °C as a starting point. More information will be available soon. The filament has a diameter of 1.75 mm.

Leapfrog MAXX Exotic Nylon Filament is compatible with Creatr, Creatr HS, Creatr XL, Xeed