About Us

Our Past

Redbrick3D was founded in 2014 but we are not new to printing and technology. Our parent company has been in the plastic printing and adhesive industries for over 25 years working with manufacturing companies, design studios and prototype houses all over the country. We saw so many of our customers using 3D printing in their day-to-day operations that we decided to do our homework and make the plunge head first into the 3D market. 

Our Present

We own, operate and support all of the 3D printers we sell on redbrick3D.com because we believe the best way to learn is hands-on. We love 3D printing and creating awesome, goofy, creative, useful stuff. We are currently selling complete 3D printing systems as well as in-house printing 3D objects and models designed by our incredibly creative customers. All of our manufacturers are hand picked to fill a need that we see in the market and we take great pride and care selecting new vendors to work with in the 3D industry. 

Our Future

The best part about the 3D industry is how rapidly it is evolving and how many creative forces there are behind making new and amazing printers and 3D products. We will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of this industry and pick up new products that we truly believe in. We love hearing about new technology or awesome things you can do with 3D and we always love discussing 3D with our customers. 

Finding new 3D printing technology that deserves to be shared with the world is our passion. Let us help you create something awesome.