3D Print Service

What We Can Print

Redbrick is not out to be another run of the mill 3D printing service. We are adding capabilities from unique 3D technologies to fill gaps where traditional 3D printers fall short. Below is an overview of our production printers along with specs and materials we use to create our amazing 3D models. We are constantly evaluating new 3D print technology and will continue to add unique printing services that benefit our customers. 

Our Printers




The MCOR Iris is capable of printing white or full color 3D models. 

Printer Specs
  • x, y & z axis: 12μ, 12μ, 100μ (0.0004in, 0.0004in, 0.004in)

Build Size

  • Letter Paper: 9.39 x 6.89 x 5.9 inches
    Color Profile
    • Includes ICC colour profile 1 million+ colours (CYMK – 4 cartridges including black) x, y & z axis: 5760 x 1440 x 508dpi

    Layer Thickness

    • 0.1 mm (0.004 in) and 0.19mm (0.007in ply colour only)

      Most affordable 3D print on the market today. Only printer currently on the market with a full ICC color profile creating beautiful, full color 3D models. 


      Parts are durable but typically are not suited for industrial use (ie creating machine parts). 

      Finishing Options
      • Full weeding
      • Cyanoacrylate Immersion (increases density but darkens color)
      • Cyanoacrylate Immersion & Sanding
      • Flex Spray - Clear Flexible Coating (enhances color, increases durability)
      Typical Applications
      • Architectural design
      • Product design
      • Packaging design
      • Wedding Toppers/Figurines
      • Medical 
      • Dental


      MarkForged Mark One


      The MarkForged Mark One 3D printer is capable of creating high resolution nylon 3D parts infused with Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Fiberglass. An all Nylon part can be created as well. These parts are incredibly strong and can be used for a wide range of real life applications allowing users to skip a time consuming C & C process or save thousands on creating a mold for short run production.

      Printer Specs
      Build Size
      • 320mm x 132mm x 160mm
        (12.6" x 5.2" x 6.3", 412ci)

      Highest Layer Resolution

      • 100 Microns (FFF)


      • Carbon Fiber – Highest strength-to-weight.
      • Kevlar® – Highest abrasion resistance.
      • Fiberglass – Highest strength-to-cost.
      • Nylon – Tough engineering plastic.

        Only 3D printer with ability to print Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Fiberglass. Creates incredibly strong 3D parts - 5X as strong as ABS, 20X stiffer than ABS, strength to weight ratio of 6061-T6 Aluminum. 


        Printed parts are more expensive than the MCOR unit because of its unique filament offerings. 

        Finishing Options
        • Printer supports created during build are removed at no additional charge. 
        Typical Applications
        • Product Design
        • Short Run Manufacturing
        • Prototype Fabrication
        • Engineering
        • Anything Structural

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