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The MCOR Iris a truly revolutionary 3D printer. Using standard copy paper (you read that correctly) the MCOR Iris can create beautiful, affordable full color 3D models. But isn't copy paper too flimsy for a 3D print? Not with a heated build plate artfully crushing each layer together until the final product closer resembles solid wood than its former flimsy self. 


MCOR is Colorful

The MCOR Iris is the only 3D printer with an ICC profile for unmatched color accuracy with a resolution of 5760 X 1440 X 508 dpi. The patented ink is designed to penetrate through paper for amazing color vibrancy and extremely high quality models.  

MCOR is Durable

Parts created on the MCOR Iris come out with the weight and feel of hardwood. The MCOR Iris uses a heat plate, precision cutting blade and custom adhesive to create incredibly strong parts. Iris 3D parts can also be further finished with an infiltrating solution to increase strength and durability. 

MCOR is Affordable

Calculating the cost is easy. How much does a ream of standard, 20# copy paper cost? Other consumables include inexpensive replacement blades and traditional YMCK ink cartridges for building in color.

The cost per model is 10-20% what it costs to print on comparable printers (not 10% less expensive, 1/10th the price!) and the ongoing cost of maintaining the MCOR Iris is about one fifth the price of competitive printers. Don't buy a printer you can't afford to use, MCOR makes printing and maintenance affordable.

MCOR is Environmentally Friendly

The MCOR Iris printer uses standard copy paper, water based white glue and ink that are all fully recyclable. Say goodbye to nasty chemicals, special venting and clean rooms for 3D printing. The MCOR Iris eliminates all of the negative health concerns associated with 3D printing. 

Post Processing (Weeding)

The post processing (we call it weeding) with the MCOR Iris 3D printer is relatively easy. The IRIS creates fine cuts and glue patterns around the model being created. The weeding process requires the user to pick away the lightly glued sections to reveal the final 3D product. This process ranges from extremely easy to moderately time consuming depending on the intricacy and size of the part. The good news, no harsh chemicals are used in the printing or weeding.

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