MarkForged Carbon Fiber CFF 3D Printer Filament

MarkForged Carbon Fiber CFF 3D Printer Filament
Product Description
$ 149.00
Carbon Fiber Filament

This is it, the game changer in 3D printing. You can now print using a Carbon Fiber Filament with the MarkForged 3D printer. Let's check out some statistics on just how strong carbon fiber printed 3D parts are. 

  • 20X Stiffer than ABS
  • Stronger than 6061-T6 Aluminum by Weight
  • Up to 5X Stronger than ABS
  • Highest Thermal Conductivity
  • Highest Strength-to-Weight

Using this carbon fiber filament is perfect for creating fixtures, jigs and other parts that need maximum strength-to-weight ratios. And best yet, parts come out of the Mark One completely finished with no post processing or post curing necessary. That's right, the Mark One prints safe, non-toxic carbon fiber parts in hours. 

Carbon Fiber Filament Roll Size: 50 cm3

Here's the short, short version.
  1. A nylon base is created along with 3 carbon fiber layers
  2. A nylon honeycomb structure is created between the composite layers to create strength and reduce build cost.
  3. The top layers of reinforcing carbon fiber reinforcement are printed and topped off with layers of nylon.
  4. That's it. No finishing, curing, or vacuum bagging required. Put your part to work. 

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