Shop all of the MarkForged 3D Printers, filaments (carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass and nylon), accessories and supplies from authorized distributor Redbrick3D.

Why MarkForged

The MarkForged 3D Printer has revolutionized 3D printing by seamlessly integrating continuous strands of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Fiberglass into your 3D prints making them as strong and durable as aluminum. 

Why Redbrick3D

We are the MarkForged experts. Redbrick3D has been an official partner since their initial launch. Our trained 3D printing engineers know the ins and outs of the MarkForged printers and can answer questions and get you printing strong, durable parts faster than anyone in the world. 

Redbrick3D stocks all of the MarkForged 3D consumables and supplies and has the shortest lead times on all of their 3D printers including the Mark Two standard, professional and enterprise kits. 

MarkForged 3D Printers, Filament and Accessories

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