Leapfrog MAXX Economy ABS & PLA 3D Filaments

Product Description
Raven Black
Jungle Green
Tooth White
Charming Red
Brilliant Blue
Sunny Yellow
Hot Pink
Dutch Orange
Sporty Blue
No-Nonsense Natural
Glow in the Dark
Pure Gold
Frogging Green
Elephant Gray
Royal Silver
$ 54.99

ABS filaments have a higher strength boundary than PLA, making it possible to perform a surface treatment with acetone, sandpaper or even drill holes into your 3D print. ABS filament is available in a wide array of colors and is a non-soluble plastic.

The print temperature of ABS ranges around 230°C, the bed temperature for ABS is set at 80°C. One roll of ABS filament has a diameter of 1.75 mm.

 PLA as a material reduces the chance of separation in your print layers. It is excellent as a support material, because it leaves no marks on your surface after dissolving it. PLA filament is available in a wide range of colors and is a soluble in sodium hydroxide, this material is generally used as a support material and to print large objects. Leapfrog also offers MAXX Professional PLA Filamnets that provide more UV, drought and heat resistance and offer more intense coloring.

The print temperature of PLA ranges around 210°C, the bed temperature for PLA is set at 60°C. One roll of PLA filament has a diameter of 1.75 mm.

Leapfrog MAXX Economy Filaments in ABS & PLA are compatible with Creatr, Creatr HS, Creatr XL, Xeed