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And The Oscar Goes To … 3D Printing 0

Building a 3D printed Oscar statue

This years annual Oscars award show was filled with all the glamour, red-carpet-ready gowns, and celebrity sightings that make this one of television’s most popular live programs each year. The iconic gold award that hopeful film industry leaders strive to take home each year is one the most recognizable pop culture icons in the world. What you may not know, is that 3D printing plays a crucial role in creating these shining statues. Here’s how.

The Power of 3D Desktop Printing and You 0

The power of desktop 3D printing and you

Until now, you may have thought 3D printing was exclusively for the manufacturing and automotive industries. We get it, large and expensive 3D printers don't always make sense for budding entrepreneurs or solo and small business owners. You may have also heard about micro-scale printing that has enabled the tech industry to print nano parts such as silicon plates and impossibly intricate electrical wiring. Or, you may have been fascinated by the ultra-large 3D printing projects that are helping NGOs solve the world's community development and relief issues. But how does 3D printing relate to you?

During MCOR's launch announcement celebrating their latest product, the MCOR Arke, the organization pledged to make 3D printing relevant and accessible to every business and home in the nation. And that's where the Arke comes in. This revolutionary 3D printer consolidates traditional 3D printing technology into a slim, desktop printer that creates ready-to-use 3D parts using traditional printer paper. 3D desktop printing is at the top of every blog heralding 2016's hottest trends, and now - thanks to the Arke - new industries can capitalize on the 3D printing craze. Here's how you fit in:

Consumer Goods:

From kitchenware, to jewelry, to paperweights, dog bowls, and accessories: budding entrepreneurs are finding new creative freedom using desktop 3D printers. Access to 3D printing allows creators to rapidly prototype and iterate on their designs without needing to outsource their prototypes abroad or go through costly retooling processes. In some cases, 3D printing also allows business owners to create goods they can sell. Although it's a relatively new market, early entrants into the fashion industry (think: 3D printed bikinis and shoes) are benefitting from consumers' interest in printed products.


In today's world of same day shipping and delivery, just-in-time supply chain, and flawlessly personalized e-commerce platforms, customization is a critical differentiator to battle the sea of competitors. Desktop 3D printing allows creators to personalize products by adding unique patterns, colors, and design elements that would otherwise take weeks or months of lead time and massive investments to achieve the same breath. Desktop 3D printers give small companies a unique competitive edge to appeal to niche audiences they would not be able to reach otherwise.

Medical Professionals:

Private practices will benefit tremendously from 3D desktop printing. Need a 3D model of an x-ray? Dental models to train new employees? Educational molds? All possible. Because 3D desktop printing can create a wide variety of high-definition parts, it can enable medical professionals to educate and serve their patients in new and innovative ways. Unlike larger 3D printing units or traditional molding, small units like the Arke allow providers to take their work wherever they go and generate molds in minutes rather than weeks.

Architects and Interior Designers:

Imagine an interior designer pitching you with a customized replica of the space they'd like to design for you? That's the power of 3D desktop printing. Similarly, if an architect were able to reconceptualize their designs in real-time with presentation-ready models, their practice would radically change. 3D desktop printing brings traditional drafting into the 21st century and brings CAD drawing to life in a remarkably compelling way.

Even if you've never thought of using 3D printing technology, new, affordable 3D desktop printers are opening up this miraculous technology. Consider the possibilities and ways the MCOR Arke could change your business. 

MCOR Arke Edges Out Apple's Desktop 3D Printing Plans 0

MCOR Releases full color desktop 3D printer

Rumors have been flying that Hewlett-Packard will break into the desktop 3D printing market in 2016. And, Apple's recent patent application showing early 3D desktop-ready designs, speculation is high about how this hot new trend will play out in the new year. We're not wondering though, because 3D printer industry leader MCOR has beat all these household names to the punch. Introducing: MCOR Arke - the world's first, full-color 3D desktop printer.


Small businesses, educational facilities, and designers are reeling over the possibilities of how 3D printing condensed into the convenience of a desktop printer could revolutionize their businesses and classrooms. Although Apple's patent suggests that the company would use a two nozzle extrusion system to build and color printed objects as they were being printed, MCOR crushes this advantage by harnessing their proprietary, non-toxic 3D printing methodology to achieve better results than Apple's duel extruded could hope to achieve. MCOR 3D printers are known for creating useable parts with photographic color application minus the harsh chemicals and arduous finishing procedures.

This revolutionary, eco-friendly technology was first introduced with the full-size MCOR Iris Full Color 3D Printer, which can create ready-to-use colored parts using simple computer paper. The resulting components are as hard as wood and completely recyclable. This bleeding-edge vision has catapulted MCOR in front of some of the most popular and innovative organizations in the world...not just in the 3D printing industry.

Although Apple's patent clearly validates the market's emerging interest (and MCOR's early investment) in easy, colorful, print-and-go components, it may be difficult for these big names to catch up with MCOR's newest printer. MCOR has already enjoyed several years to perfect the Iris 3D printer, giving them a unique advantage when shrinking this technology into a desktop version.


Over the next decade, MCOR hopes to grow their business exponentially to help encourage large scale adoption of 3D printing in every office, classroom, and home. Because the MCOR Arke is also remarkably affordable for such a new and unique innovation (being released for sale at just under $10,000), 3D printing is becoming more affordable and accessible than ever.

Almost every tech and 3D printing blog is heralding the advent of desktop 3D printing. It's one of 2016's most popular investments and will likely play a large part in the ever-constant tech race. We're proud to know who's winning the race and stand beside the company leading the charge. Most importantly, we can't wait to hear what you dream up with your own desktop 3D printer.

Preorders Now Available Soon

If you are interested in pre-ordering the MCOR ARKe 3D printer, contact us now to get on the waiting list as there is already a backorder of printers and the line is getting longer.