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Leapfrog Jumps Ahead at LabelExpo Europe 2015 0

Leapfrog LabelExpo Europe 2015

Some of the largest potential for 3D printing lies in the production and manufacturing industry. Specifically, the technology’s ability to produce goods onshore, reduce shipping costs, and bring labor and creation in-house. These ripples throughout the supply chain have long excited 3D printing early adopters, but have only just started to emerge in marketable results. At the celebrated production conference, LabelExpo Europe 2015, Leapfrog jumped ahead of the competition, exhibiting its two newest units and their unique real-world applications.


Printing Outside The Borders Using Leapfrog MAXX Filaments 0

Leapfrog systems boast heated internal printing beds to ensure your filaments bond together properly. Whether you’re printing with ABS, PLA, PVA, nylon or brick, the dual exturder increases your creative boundaries and revolutionizes 3D printing production.


To jumpstart your next project, here’s an overview of Leapfrog’s high-grade proprietary filaments

Why Supersizing 3D Printing Will Change Our World 0


On Friday, September 25, the world’s largest 3D printer took the world by storm. Business Insider heralded the Italian 3D printer manufacturer World’s Advanced Savings Project – or WASP’s – newest addition to both the 3D printing community and the humanitarian and development community earlier that week.  The massive, 40-foot by 20-foot 3D printer is called the Big Delta and was designed to print inexpensive, sustainable housing for developing countries or disaster victims – adding a new meaning to the idea of going big and going home.

Leaps and Bounds Ahead of the Competition: Leapfrog's Xeed 3D Printer 0

While 3D printing isn’t new technology, it’s still an emerging one. As new manufacturers flood the market and advances in 3D printing technology continue to change the game, it’s hard to choose which 3D printer is right for your needs. The Leapfrog Xeed exceeds expectations for commercial printing at an affordable price point, making it a strong option for large companies. Six Sigma and Lean enthusiasts, move over – this 3D printer is optimized for efficiency, flawless workflow, and best-in-class results.

Leapfrog Creatr HS 3D Printer 0

Leapfrog is poised to revolutionize 3D printing with the introduction of the Leapfrog Creatr HS, their fastest model ever produced. The HS stands for high-speed, and that is exactly what Leapfog delivers. Their newest printer that can operate at a blistering pace of up to 300 mm/s. This updated model can reach speeds that are five times faster than the original Creatr, allowing users to complete prototypes in record time and enjoy an even richer 3D printing experience.