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Whether you are a new team, testing the waters of 3D printing for the first time, or simply not ready to make the investment in specialty 3D printing software like the brilliant, full-color MCOR Iris 3D printer, professional printing services help you close the gap between your team’s current capabilities and the future you are moving toward.


At Redbrick3D, we know technology is an art, so we want to give you the tools you need to create as your business grows. For prototyping, specialty 3D printing, or one-off creations, our 3D printing service is an unparalleled solution that gives you affordable access to the industry’s most cutting edge materials.


Print the Rainbow with MCOR Iris:


The MCOR Iris is a one-of-a-kind full-color 3D paper printer that uses traditional letter paper as its main printing component. The results yield solid, wood-like parts that are ready to use and fully colored the minute printing is complete. Because the MCOR Iris prints in over one million colors, your projects can be as vivid as your imagination.


Aside from the artistic freedom, the benefits of printing through Redbrick3D using the MCOR Iris are the printer’s affordable materials and environmentally conscientious output. Because the 3D printer builds parts using regular paper, material costs are low and all waste is 100% recyclable. The MCOR Iris is also the only 3D printer capable of printing with a full color profile, making your output unique and sustainable. While parts aren’t typically suited for industrial use, these durable, colorful creations are perfect for product prototypes, architectural models, packaging, educational and medical creations, and commercial design projects.


Go Strong or Go Home With the MarkForged Mark One:

If it’s strength you need, let us help you create a dual composite part infused with extra strength from carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass filaments. The MarkForged trademarked printing method combines printing materials for unbeatable strength and reinforced, usable parts that can take on the toughest engineering jobs. For short run part production or mechanical and structural needs, there is no better option on the market than printing with the MarkFordged Mark One.


No other 3D printer can create with such a wide range of output, yielding parts that are five times stronger than traditional nylon and 20 times stiffer than traditional parts, with a greater strength to weight ratio than aluminum. These premium parts are for high performance projects where quality is critical.


Why Redbrick3D?

In addition to giving you affordable access to these two innovative 3D printing methods, our team will work with you to ensure your printing request is met with care and precision. We’ll support your design and creation needs every step of the way until your parts are processed, cured, and in your hands.

At Redbrick3D, we are obsessed with 3D printing, so our experts will be happy to help you tailor a solution to your needs and recommend enhancements to take your project beyond ordinary to extraordinary.

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