Bring 3D Printing to Your Life


Bring 3D Printing to Your Class, Office or Home

Bring 3D Printing to Your Home, Classroom, or Office With Desktop 3D Printers

Just a few short years ago, desktop 3D printers, such as the MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer, were once the final frontier. Companies and schools with access to 3D printing technology were practically science fiction. And individual 3D printing projects were largely out of reach. As 3D printing becomes more mainstream, the emergence of desktop 3D printers will play an increasing role in how designers create and engineers bring innovation to life.


What Can Desktop 3D Printers Do Today?


It’s no surprise that the fifth generation MakerBot Replicator is the 3D desktop printer everyone is talking about. In addition to being one of the biggest names in the 3D printing world, MakerBot also delivered one of the first – and most celebrated – early 3D desktop printers with the original MakerBot Replicaor. Each iteration of the Replicator breaks through previous 3D printing boundaries: mobile app control, 48% greater printing space, paper-thin printing capabilities, impossible detailing, wi-fi and USB compatible connectivity, full desktop printing and creation software. The list goes on. And on.  The 3D desktop printer’s newest feature, the MakerBot Mobile app, is the beginning of seamless mobile creation even when you’re on the go, extending creativity and productivity to new limits. 


Early 3D desktop creations include batteries, shoes, cellphone and tablet accessories, jewelry, art, kitchen utensils and more. Printing household goods can deliver deep savings by shaving off margins driven up by traditional production and transportation costs … but the real magic is in the commercialization of 3D desktop printing.


For the Educator or Professional:


In the same way that slimmer hardware for desktop and laptop computers has encouraged rapid, expansive technology adoption, more portable 3D printers will similarly drive use and accessibility. As 3D desktop printers become more affordable and easier to install, the use cases for this technology will expand.


As 3D desktop printing emerges in classrooms and offices, experts will transform what we already know about 3D printing into more meaningful – and likely revolutionary – output. 3D printing gives professionals and students power to prototype, model, iterate, learn, and improve their understanding of engineering, medical, architectural, and sociological content with the literal push of a button.


The next step on this journey, is putting that technology and power in the proper hands – outside the laps and factories – and into the workspaces and classrooms of tomorrow’s brightest minds.

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