Practice Makes Perfect: MakerBot Training Near and Far


MakerBot 3D Printer Training

We know the old saying to be true: practice makes perfect. Which is why we are proud to highlight a few of the best training options available to brush up on your MakerBot 3D printing skills. Whether you prefer private training workshops or DIY online tutorials, here is a list of our favorite places to learn and print the future.


Private Workshops:

When it comes to private workshops, we generally look no further than the horse’s mouth. MakerBot trained experts offer MakerBot private training workshops in groups of one to nine students or ten to 18 people. The results are an intimate deep dive into the company’s software and hardware to prepare you for end-to-end 3D printing projects. There are three main courses to get you started:

  • Getting Started with MakerBot: This two-day, entry-level course covers all the basics from how to set up your MakerBot Replicator to how to begin loading in engineering designs. This crash course is user-friendly and appropriate for budding 3D designers testing the waters for the first time, to seasoned professionals using the MakerBot machine for the first time.


  • Design for 3D Printing: Calling all designers! This two-day workshop digs into the design process to explore how to transform traditional creative thinking into 3D thinking. In this course, you’ll learn how to create models, slice and dice layers, and adapt traditional designs for optimized 3D printing. This course is best for engineers and designers who are already familiar with creation software and want to transition into the 3D printing world.


  • 3D Printing Start to Finish: This course combines the most critical topics from the Getting Started course and the Design for 3D Printing course. The three-day training program is fast paced, but provides a comprehensive overview of how complete 3D printing projects from design to production and finishing. This is a great option for larger teams that need to understand all facets of 3D printing even if they aren’t hands-on every step of the way. Having a working knowledge of 3D printing procedures may be advised.


Online Courses:


If you prefer to learn and tinker in the privacy of your own office or home, our favorite MakerBot online tutorials come from the trusted web tutorials site Few other online learning channels offer the same level of reliable detail and instruction found on Although Lynda is a subscription based training platform, you can try their tutorials free for ten days. If you aren’t hooked by then – we’d be surprised. In addition to comprehensive 3D printing tutorials, the site offers design, coding, and engineering courses for the habitual learner. Get started with their two MakerBot introductory courses:


  • Getting Started with MakerBot 3D Printers hosted by Kacie Hultgren: The Getting Started course covers all the basics from setting up your MakerBot, to preparing your designs, calibrating for your first print, and any issues that may arise along the way. The course is a hands-on, how-to that gets you started with the MakerBot system and tests your printing skills.


  • Up and Running with 3D Printing by Kacie Hulgren: From there, explore what your 3D printer can do. This inspirational course takes a look at what you can create and the full range of MakerBot 3D printing capabilities. The course highlights everything from prototyping to creating working parts for a broad overview of your new printer’s potential.


No matter how you like to learn, or what environment you prefer to work in, the tools you need to begin creating with MakerBot are at your fingertips. If you have questions about setting up your first MakerBot training course, we’re here to help!



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