3D Printing’s Top 5 Weirdest, Wildest, and Coolest Creations:


Weird 3D Printing Applications

Let's get weird memeGo ahead. Admit it. You’re kind of a nerd. And technology is pretty cool. You don’t need to convince us! Here at Redbrick 3D, we are constantly amazed at what today’s tastemakers and artistic engineers are dreaming up. 3D printing has transformed our ability to create and we’d like to celebrate some of the most unique creations this technology has brought to life. Without further ado, here are our top five favorite weird, intriguing, and fun places 3D printing has popped up:




We had to go all the way to the Netherlands to find this gem. Students at Amsterdam’s TU Eindhoven University printed the Education and Science Minister’s apparel for a ceremonial procession. Minister Jet Bussemaker wore a dress, hat, and shoes made exclusively of 3D printed garments that were custom made to fit a 3D scan of her body. Even though pop star Kanye West has said that he believes 3D printing will ruin the fashion industry, we think this technology has a bright future on the runway and can’t wait to see it at Paris’s Fashion Week next year.




The FDA has approved the first 3D printed medication. That’s right, we said 3D printed pills. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals now has the green light to print doses of epilepsy medicine using a 3D printer that allows patients to take pills less often while enjoying dramatic improvements in their lifestyles. Not only can 3D printing speed up medicine’s production process, but it may also help reduce the cost of certain medications. That’s one awesome medical breakthrough.




Speaking of medical breakthroughs, the MCOR Matrix 300 3D printer uses 3D scan technology to print models of expectant mothers’ sonograms. Marketed as the newest and hottest pregnancy keepsake, these 3D sonograms are a unique way to celebrate your newest arrival. Similar 3D printing technology has also been used to recreate medical models for practitioners, but we never like to miss a chance to celebrate here.





Disney’s famed Imagineers have been using 3D printing technology to bring attractions to life almost as long as the technology has been around. But recently, they made a unique breakthrough that allows them to print with fabric instead of plastic. In other words, you could soon be printing your favorite Disney character at on-demand kiosks at Disneyland. Build-A-Bear – you better watch out!


  1. ON MARS:


Of course 3D printing has already made it to the final frontier. With NASA’s recent discovery that there is – in fact – water on Mars, we’re ready to throw some elbows to get a front row seat to the first manned mission to Mars. Enter 3D printing. NASA scientists say they are close to creating a fully functioning 3D printed rocket launcher engine that will catapult Earthlings to Mars for a formal touchdown.


Making the cut for this list wasn’t easy. And we look forward to revising out favorites as new creations take over the 3D printing scene. In the meantime, we are proud to say we are part of today’s most cutting edge innovation and celebrate all the creators changing the world out there.

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