Rampf Raku-Tool Modeling Boards Brings the Automotive Industry to Life


Driven: How Rampf Raku-Tool Modeling Boards Brings the Automotive Industry to Life


Innovation isn’t easy. It takes vision, creativity, and drive to propel an idea from imagination to iteration. This is especially true in the automotive industry where new technology and energy sources are dramatically shaping car design and creation standards.


SAAB, the Swedish car manufacturer who first introduced the idea of a small, highly efficient vehicle to the mainstream market, has held themselves to these lofty standards since 1945. Today, to stay on the edge of the industry’s needs, SAAB relies on RAMPF Raku-Tool modeling and tooling boards to bring their ideas to life. 




To drive rapid testing and conceptualization, the auto company uses RAMPF modeling boards to recreate and validate their interior and exterior designs. In their automotive lab, for example, you’ll see interior cubing parts for the new SAAB 9-5 exterior and interior passenger cabin built with RAMPF modeling boards. Because we expect reliability in our vehicles, it’s no surprise that auto manufacturers demand reliability in their modeling boards that matches these expectations. The Raku-Tool MB-0720 modeling board delivers on this need, backed by the RAMPF brand promise of quality and value. 


With the Raku-Tool MB-0720, SAAB can recreate portions of their vehicles – or even the whole car – swapping out or refining parts and design for fit, look, and safety needs with speed and agility as the company responds to customer and industry expectations. Our modeling and tooling boards help cut back on errors in judgment by ensuring parts fit and function the way they should before they ever reach the assembly line – or the bottom line of the business.




As SAAB’s engineers create and improve car designs or concepts, life-like models become an essential piece of the equation. Integrated modeling helps cut back on development time by simplifying the prototyping process. This reduces the cost of modifications because major faults are detected earlier, which improves the final output and increases the team’s agility to refine their ideas.


RAMPF Raku-Tool modeling boards stood out as an obvious partner for SAAB because they leverage stable material to create high dimensional accuracy in each part. The fine surface structure of the board creates a near perfect duplicate of the final metal components at a fraction of the cost and allow for iterative testing and enhancement. Thanks to the board’s fine surface structure, models also require little finishing beyond color bonding and attachment to recreate lifelike engineering replicas.  


The partnership helps cut back on company cost and enable engineering and creative freedom. While perfection may be the road less traveled, it’s one the RAMPF brand finds itself on again and again.  

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