Printing Outside The Borders Using Leapfrog MAXX Filaments


One of the most exciting capabilities of Leapfrog 3D printers is their unique dual exturder system, which allows you to print with two materials at one time. Although this is an add-on for some printers such as the Leapfrog Xeed, others - such as the Leapfrog Creatr XL - come standard with this feature. Leapfrog systems also boast heated internal printing beds to ensure your filaments bond together properly. Whether you’re printing with ABS, PLA, PVA, nylon or brick, the dual extruder increases your creative boundaries and revolutionizes 3D printing production.


To jumpstart your next project, here’s an overview of Leapfrog’s high-grade proprietary filaments:



ABS is non-soluble plastic with a reasonably high strength boundary, making it an excellent foundational choice for most parts. Leapfrog’s MAXX ABS filament is strong enough to undergo post-production surface treatments such as sanding or drilling and comes in 13 vibrant colors such as Dutch Orange, Jungle Green, or Brilliant Blue.



Although PLA is primarily used as a support material for large projects, it can be used for part creation as well. Leapfrog’s MAXX PLA filaments come in 12 economy-priced colors, and 18-professional grade color options. Although PLA is softer than ABS, when used as a primary component, PLA reduces the possibility of your print layers splitting due to its chemical makeup. As a support, this plastic dissolves in sodium hydroxide and won’t leave marks on your project post-production. No matter how you use it, MAXX PLA is a great, versatile option.



One of Leapfrog’s most exciting filaments is their unique PVA support material. This water-soluble support filament is perfect for PVA-based parts and gives you a cleaner, more eco-friendly support option that doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals. Leapfrog also boasts a super-strong Nylon filament for extra durability, brick-infused filament that looks like sandstone, and a transparent hybrid filament that replicates the look and feel of Lucite.   


No matter what your project calls for, Leapfrog allows you to mix and match filaments to bring your creation to life. Contact us for additional information. 

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  • Dustin Heigl
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