Leaps and Bounds Ahead of the Competition: Leapfrog's Xeed 3D Printer


While 3D printing isn’t new technology, it’s still an emerging one. As new manufacturers flood the market and advances in 3D printing technology continue to change the game, it’s hard to choose which 3D printer is right for your needs. The Leapfrog Xeed exceeds expectations for commercial printing at an affordable price point, making it a strong option for large companies. Six Sigma and Lean enthusiasts, move over – this 3D printer is optimized for efficiency, flawless workflow, and best-in-class results.




The Leapfrog Xeed is perfect for overachievers and high-performing teams. If your company is churning and burning through prototypes, the Xeed will streamline your production process. The Xeed’s native software and network connectivity allow engineers and designers to connect their print schemas, send updates back and forth, and remotely queue work to the printer once it’s complete. Your perfectionists can rest assured that each design is positioned against an XY axis with 12 micron precision and 10 micron layer resolution. Before each new job, the printer also recalibrates using Leapfrogs’ proprietary PerfectLevel system, which ensures every output is perfectly proportionate no matter how many jobs you’ve done that day. This end-to-end system makes 3D printing as seamless as your ideas.




It’s clear that the Leapfrog Xeed was built with businesses in mind. If you need the best and biggest prototypes on the market, Xeed can handle the job. You’ll love Xeed’s robust 20.8L build volume – the largest build volume in its class – and the QuickLoad filament reloading system that keeps large-scale projects moving. If you need parts that are versatile and functional, Xeed can handle that too. The heated printing environment and optional duel extrusion allows you to print with a variety of materials, combine printing filaments, and mix medias for precise output designed to your exact specifications. The heated environment optimizes layer adhesion so your parts are strong no matter what you’re printing with and allows you to print supports with water-soluble MAXX Exotic PVA, for a safer, greener printing experience.


Leapfrog’s Xeed leaps ahead of its competitors by anticipating the needs of real-world business applications, as opposed to simply focusing on the printer output itself. The result is a system that enables 3D printing to augment your business rather than define it.

Contact us for additional information on the Leapfrog Xeed or other 3D printing options.

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  • Dustin Heigl
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