Why Choose RAMPF Group's Raku-Tool® Modeling Boards


Choosing a modeling board is choosing the foundation of your project. Gone are the days of battling wood grains or the high costs of metal prototyping. Today, polyurethane board options provide greater finishing capabilities and dimensional accuracy at a lower cost. And there are plenty of modeling board manufacturers to choose from. For our projects, we recommend RAMPF Group’s Raku-Tool® modeling boards.




Call us traditionalists, but we believe that if it isn’t broke – don’t fix it. RAMPF Group has a proven track record in the modeling industry with more than 35 years of experience. That’s three decades worth of craftsmanship laser focused on perfecting their products. Their dedication shows: RAMPF is the largest producer of high-performance modeling, styling, and working board materials on the market. The German engineering company values cost-effectiveness, environmental stewardship, and – most importantly – quality, so it’s a name you know you can trust.




When you purchase a Raku-Tool® modeling board, you aren’t just buying a piece of plastic. RAMPF understands the complete creation lifecycle from prototyping and modeling, to molding, construction, and production. Every Raku-Tool® modeling board is designed with this end-to-end process in mind, which is why RAMPF also offers technical support every step of the way. RAMPF even has a Tooling Solutions team of on-call consultants to advise you on your projects on or off-site. To support a customer-centric production ecosystem, your modeling board is never a one-off solution. Everything from the brand’s form and repair pastes to its adhesives contribute to a comprehensive high-performance solution.




No matter what you’re working on, there’s a RAMPF Raku-Tool® modeling board for your needs. The boards come in a variety of densities ranging from ultra fine surfaces for show cars and design studies to robust dimensionally stable options for jigs and fixtures. Raku-Tool® boards also come in heat, abrasion, and chemical resistant options for foundry and composite work. Talk about a jack-of-all-trades and … a master of them.


It’s easy to understand why we put our trust in RAMPF’s Raku-Tool® boards. When you need the highest quality and greatest precision for your projects, there’s really only one solution that comes to mind. Learn more about RAMPF Raku Tooling Boards...

Feel free to contact us for additional information on tooling board or to a quote.


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