Rampf Raku Tool Modeling Boards



Rampf Raku tool modeling boards replace metal and wood materials, invigorating projects with a variety of fixtures. Molds, patterns, models, fixtures and jigs are all ready to go, their light, economical materials perfectly designed for great applications. Rampf Raku modeling boards and adhesives serve 3D-built applications, and each overcomes the hurdles of 3D printer footprints, ensuring great creations, time and time again.

Dimensional Stability

Raku modeling boards use the world’s finest cell structure, guaranteeing unparalleled strength and consistency. Not suffering from wood’s grain design and poor stability, Rampf Raku products are created with acute dimensions, so high-end design quality isnever out of the question.

Content is king, and Raku tool modeling boards offer unparalleled design features. Available in over a dozen grades, each selection is ready for action. Available in multiple densities, strengths, machining speeds and costs, every application is new and exciting. Rampf believes every product should be custom-tailored, matching both the project’s and user’s needs.

3D Accessibility

Raku modeling boards grant visual verification with economical applications. Each styling board is composed of economical, low-density material. 3D-printed designs are flexible, saving projects in many situations. Their low-cost materials and high-value design promise something new, something exquisite and something adaptive.

Raku tool styling boards are popular due to 3D printing’s short run production, and they’re ready for the world’s newest changes. Creating brick-and-mortar fixtures from digital designs requires customization, and each product is ready to fulfill project needs. Multiple construction design options are ready for action!

Resistant Design

Durability is an asset. Raku’s modeling boards are here in five grades, each promising awesome balances between cost, strength and density. Every grade has a fine, inner cell structure. Every grade has a superior surfaces. Every grade, totally durable, was created above tightly bound interiors. Superior to other board densities, Raku modeling boards are highly resistant to damage, making them an industry favorite.

Each grade’s parting agents are bonded together with complex adhesives. Dense, strong boards are perfect for foundry patterns, jigs and complex interior applications. The composites industry has grown a lot, and Rampf Raku modeling boards are the consumer’s top choice for viable machined mold applications.

Design Accuracy

Highly accurate molds are important. Each modeling board is created through complex urethane tooling boards, so accurate dimensions, product longevity and storage options are never an issue. Products won’t shrink over time, and each Rampf Raku modeling board is moisture resistant.

New, low density foam has been utilized to increase each use’s functionality while improving overall economy. As always, cost savings reign supreme. Reduced density products increase these savings with all-new polysocyanurate foam. It’s more affordable than old polyurethane foam, and similar densities are achieved, ensuring both great price and quality.

Ready for Epoxy-Based Tooling Pastes

Each modeling board is highly usable with tooling pastes, creating limitless options. Epoxy-based pastes grant use of low density foam when managing interior plug and mold volume. An interior foam core, when applied with tooling paste, provides high-end durability. When great, projects are needed, great construction designs arrive.

Once cured, an epoxy shell can be machined to increase density. The resulting, high-temperature surface can hold vacuum pressure, withstand numerous pulls and maintain structural integrity for years at a time. They’re highly versatile, giving full reign over projects, designs, future creations and price ranges. 3D applications rarely receive such flexibility, but Rampf Raku delivers in a new way.

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