MCOR Matrix 300+ Overview


3D printing is one of those rare technologies that has the power to transform industries. It brings research and design specialists’ rapid, iterative prototypes; educators’ lifelike instruction tools; architectural plans and medical models to life. Now, the MCOR Matrix 300+ also makes 3D printing affordable and accessible to a much wider audience.

If your projects don’t require the near-indestructible strength of nylon or metal reinforced parts, the Matrix 300+ offers a uniquely cost-effect alternative: paper printing. 3D paper printing gives you the same high-quality output and innovation capabilities you’d expect from a traditional 3D printer, but uses paper – just like your regular printer – to create parts.

Cost Effective:

The main benefit of 3D paper printers like the MCOR Matrix 300+ is cost. Because this printer uses standard copy paper, your raw materials are as inexpensive as they are easy to find. That makes the Matrix 300+ one of the most affordable 3D printers on the market. What this printer saves in cost, it does not lack in detail capabilities. Compressed paper layers are 0.1mm thick, so you can expect the same high-definition output from the Matrix 300+ that you’d get from a traditional 3D printer. As the Matrix 300+ compresses each layer, the printer uses a fine razor to slice out the shape of your part and bond the form in place. Finished models have the same durability and feel as lightweight wood.

Green Technology:

Finished models also happen to be 100% recyclable and can be created from 100% recycled material. The MCOR Matrix 300+ uses a water-based adhesive to bond each layer, so you don’t need to use (or dispose of) harsh or harmful chemicals during the printing process. You can also recycle all of the waste from the printing process. Rest assured that your creations are safer and more environmentally conscientious than any alternative. Because 3D paper printers do not rely on heat to melt and form parts, using the Matrix 300+ also conserves energy when compared to the output of a traditional 3D printer.

Speed Meets Ease:

The MCOR Matrix 300+ can take STL, OBJ, VRML, and Collada files, so you can focus on your design, not your design tools. Printing speeds are up to three times faster than traditional 3D printing and require very little - if any - post-production processing, curing or finishing. With the Matrix 300+’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you’ll be printing and using your parts in no time.

Want More? Try MCOR Iris for 3D Color Printing:

If all these features sound wonderful, but you just wish you could print in color, try the MCOR Iris. MCOR Iris is the Matrix 300+’s sister printer, and offers all the same features of the Matrix 3D paper printer, with the added benefit of printing in millions of photo-realistic hues.

MCOR’s innovative 3D paper printers are beyond compare and can bring your projects to life in ways you never imagined. You’ll be hooked on this high-quality, cost-effective 3D printing method after your very first project.

Contact us with questions or for a quote. Check out all our blog articles on MCOR to learn more about their products. 

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