Print the Rainbow with MCOR Full-Color 3D Paper Printers


MCOR’s full-color 3D paper printers generate photo-real colored output at 5760 x 1440 x 508 dpi color resolution. That means you’ll have a full range of tones, hues, saturations, shades and tints to color your world. MCOR’s 3D paper printers can create over a million colors, which are more than any other 3D printer on the market, and as close to real life as you can get. In celebration of MCOR’s ability to print the rainbow, we’d like to highlight some of their most – colorful (and creative) – projects.


MCOR’s 3D paper printer will have you seeing red. Blood red. Belgian doctor Raphael Olszewski used MCOR technology to scan his patients bone structure, and recreate lifelike models of his patients’ mandible, mouth and skull. His team prepared for and practiced intricate maxillofacial surgery to increase operating speed and precision, using 3D printing to reduce the risk of infection or error and revolutionize the medical industry.


Capture the deep-hued oranges and glittering gold of India. Across the globe, Indians celebrate the Hindu holy week by creating idols, shrines, and elaborate festival decorations. PrintZworldwide is an Indian consultancy that used MCOR’s brilliant 3D paper printing to create traditional and modernized versions of the celebrated Durga Puja idols, which are used in the festivities. The company is the first to use 3D printing to revolutionize important cultural traditions and make them accessible anytime, anywhere.  


Be honest. You always dreamed of owning a flashy, yellow corvette. But you lead more of a Volvo kind of lifestyle. Remotely controlled slot cars give you the best of both worlds. Racing enthusiasts, car fanatics, and aficionados rejoice in MCOR’s ability to recreate detail down to the most intricate racing stripe and body hue, with a much lower price tag to go along with it. 3D paper printing breathed life into a hobby that was suffocating its fan base with lags in creation time, inaccuracy and cost.  


Forget the primary green blocks of forest and simple map graphics. MCOR’s vivid 3D paper printing has revolutionized architecture, surveying graphs, charts, and maps. Because 3D paper printing is quick and affordable, cartographers and engineers can use MCOR’s printing technology to duplicate our world down to the very last leaf. Whether you’re a hobbyist, an architect, or city planner, this means more beautiful and accurate translations of the world we live in as we create around it.


It’s a boy! Get out the blue balloons and streamers. 3D paper printing brings new joy to the miracle of life. With 3D scan technology; expectant mothers can take home a lot more than a sonogram slide by creating lifelike reproductions of their new bundles of joy before they are born. 3D printing sheds new light on the beginning of life and creates a unique keepsake that families can cherish for years to come.


Monet was known for the soft violets, purples, and indigos that so artfully conveyed dusk and dawn. His mastery of color is world renown, yet without seeing it, it’s hard to conceive. 3D paper printing can recreate famous artwork and cultural artifacts and bring them into the classroom or into interactive museums for low costs that won’t break school board budgets or limit a non-profit’s ability to do what they do best – bring people together through a shared understanding.

The world is full of color, and MCOR can help you bring your creations to life in full color. So the only question we have left is … what color are your dreams? Contact us if you have any additional questions or head to our ISIS by MCOR blog to learn more about this unique 3D printer.

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