MarkForged Composite Filament Fabrication: The 3D Printer for Perfectionists


What do space shuttles, rockets, and Formula 1 cars all have in common aside from being incredibly fast and cool? Yup – you got it. They’re all reinforced with long strands of composite fibers like those used in the revolutionary Composite Filament Fabrication™ (CFF™) 3D printing process.

MarkForged is a printing pioneer and the only manufacturer with a 3D printer capable of using this innovative carbon fiber technology to make strong, usable parts. Composite Filament Fabrication balances fashion with function for truly remarkable, ready-to-use creations that are stronger and more precise than 3D traditional printer output.  Whether you’re using carbon fiber, Kevlar® or fiberglass CFF filament to reinforce your parts, you can expect beautiful, ready-to-use pieces that are as strong as they are beautiful. Think: 20 times stiffer and five times stronger than traditional plastic or aluminum printed parts. Don’t worry - we were impressed too.

But what’s so special about composite filament fabrication? Most 3D printers use the fused filament fabrication (FFF) method. FFF printers use one printer head to create output that’s flexible, but sometimes lacking in strength in durability. Once created, these parts frequently require post-production processing that can be messy and time consuming. CFF printing breaks free from these constraints. You no longer need molds or a CNC machine to make strong, usable parts with the Mark One 3D printer.

Let’s get technical for a minute. CFF carbon fiber 3D printing also uses a thermoplastic Nylon matrix that hardens as soon as it’s created. That’s a fancy way of saying you won’t need to cure your parts or go through a long, messy post-processing procedure before you can put your creation to use. CFF parts are ready for use as soon as you make them, so you can spend more time designing and using your parts and less time cleaning up. In short: less mess, more fun.

The MarkForged Mark One CFF printer is also known for its clean user interface and intuitive software. This printer supports both .STL and .OBJ models so you can design on the platforms you feel most comfortable using. If you can dream it, MarkForged will help you create it. The MarkForged Mark One also gives you total design control to balance strength, flexibility, and even fiber orientation by layer. 

Unbeatable strength. Beautiful, usable output. Powerful software. MarkForged composite filament fabrication 3D printing has so many benefits it’s hard to pick just one to highlight, which is why we’d go so far as to say CFF printing is the perfect option for perfectionists. 

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