IRIS by MCOR - A True Full Color 3D Printer


For years now, we’ve been hearing that once 3D printing technology matures, once it’s more capable, more flexible, more affordable, it will be a brave new world that will revolutionize whole spheres of economic activity and daily life, from education to manufacturing to entertainment.  And so we’ve waited, and waited – and the technology has steadily, if not spectacularly, grown up. It has achieved its milestones in margins, rather than leaps and bounds, and it appears that its promised effect on how we live and do business will unfold in the same dogged, piecemeal fashion.  If anything, 3D printing this is an incremental revolution, with progress persistently carved from the technology’s pure potential. 

One of the biggest hurdles thus far has proved to be figuring out a way to get affordable 3D printing capability into the hands of ordinary makers, innovators and entrepreneurs. And one bright new development in that effort has just emerged from a company in Ireland called MCOR – they have created a product called the Iris that can provide true, full color 3D printing of objects on standard copy paper (the kind used in printers worldwide,) opening up a wealth of new opportunities.

Here are some of the most important new capabilities that everyone, from inventors to hobbyists, can now access with the Iris:
  • Greatly reduced downtime in the iteration-feedback cycle for prototypes of new products.
  • Full color 3D printing means exactly that: over one million colors and with an unmatched fineness of detail at 5760 x 1440 x 508 dots per inch. Combine that with photo realistic physical modeling, and the old computer wire frame can now leap out of the realm of the abstract and into the real world.
  • Need to compare and contrast different prototype designs? Got a wild hair or a crazy idea that you want to test out? Focus testing possible aesthetic themes? Because the MCOR Iris prints on standard A4 white paper, it’s cheaper than ever to print as many models as you need for whatever your project.
  • Marketing, sales and fundraising get a whole lot easier – why print a computer image of your concept when you can demo your product to potential customers or sponsors with a photo-realistic 3D model?

Last – but certainly not least – MCOR’s Iris uses no toxic materials – meaning you and those that interact with your products are always safe, and all of your printed materials (including the glue and ink) are fully recyclable. 

With the Iris, MCOR has taken another sure, steady step toward making 3D color printing an everyday reality.  You’ve got to see it to believe it – head over to MCOR’s Iris product page

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